Who's coming as of 11/14/2019

If you have multiple Emory degrees, please select the reunion year you're celebrating or your first graduation year.

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First Name Last Name Affiliation Class Guest(s)
Andrea (Becker) Berman 95C 1995 Joshua Berman
Stephanie (Prentice) Cooper 95B 1995
Crystal Edmonson 95C 1995
Vinh Huynh 95C 1995 Pamela Huynh, Phuoc Huynh, Ngoc Huynh
Joyce King 95G 1995 Miriam Rassam, Eliana Namen
Melissa (Mitchell) McCormick 95C 1995
John McGuire 95L 1995
Gordon Meredith Jr 1995 Thindiwia Meredith, Trey Meredith, Nia Bellamy
Jonithan Reels 95C 1995
Heather (Bailie) Schock 95C 1995 Timothy Schock
Timothy Schock 95C 1995 Heather (Bailie) Schock
Daniel Shoy 95C 1995
Emily Stern Weitz 95C 1995 Jeremy Weitz
Jeremy Weitz 95C 1995 Emily Stern Weitz


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