Who's coming as of 11/19/2019

If you have multiple Emory degrees, please select the reunion year you're celebrating or your first graduation year.

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First Name Last Name Affiliation Class Guest(s)
Yvette (Garcia) Barton 92C 1992
Monica (Loundy) Baskin 92C 1992 Kennedy Baskin
Cam (Pham) Escoffery 92C 95PH 1992 Richard Escoffery
Richard Escoffery 92C 95L 1992 Cam (Pham) Escoffery
Benjamin Fink 92L 1992 Robin (DePetrillo) Fink, Henry Fink
David Gevertz 92C 1992 Allyson (Scott) Gevertz
Andrew Goldberg 92B 1992 Wendi (Schwartz) Goldberg
Wendi (Schwartz) Goldberg 92C 1992 Andrew Goldberg
Fred Hood 92C 96M 99MR 1992 Keisha Hood
Shamanda Joseph 92B 1992
Arlyn Lawrence 92C 1992
Ian Levin 92L 1992 Lisa Levin, Zachary Levin
Lisa Levin 92B 1992 Ian Levin, Zachary Levin
Daniel Payne 92C 1992 Becky Payne
Alexander Rogow 92B 1992 Karen (Zellner) Rogow
Karen (Zellner) Rogow 92C 1992 Alexander Rogow
Ira Rosenau 92C 1992 Jennifer (Shukat) Rosenau, Emma Rosenau
James Sayers 88Ox 92C 1992 Jennifer Walcott, India Sayers
John Stebbins 92B 1992


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