2020 Emory Homecoming Registration

2020 Emory Homecoming Registration

Who's coming as of 10/25/2020

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First Name Last Name Affiliation Class Guest(s)
Claire Brisse 15C 16PH 2016
Jennifer Burdick 16B 2016
Sylvia Carroll 2016
Heejae Choi 16C 2016
LaTonya Davis 2016
Mary Davis 16PH 2016
Edward Dearborn 16B 2016
Shateil French 2016 Mariah Havard
Gabriel Gan 16C 2016
Amit Gupta 16B 2016
Elyssa Hausman 16C 2016
Anastasia Holley 16L 2016
Sydney Julian 16C 2016 Andrew Brown
Sara Kuhn 16C 2016
Amit Kumar 16B 2016
Shutian Liu 16B 2016
Savannah Miller 16C 2016
Rifat Mursalin 16C 2016
Eric Musser 16PH 2016
Irawomitan Oloba 16L 2016
Cody Owen 16B 2016
Cicely Parker 16B 2016 Dwayne Parker
Weslie Robinson 16L P14 P12 2016
Geonho Ryu 2016
Mary Salvatore 16PH 2016
Monica Sams 16T 2016
Sandra Smith Faculty/Staff 2016
Jake Teplitzky 2016
Jeffrey Than 14Ox 16C 2016
Kamilah Thomas 16L 2016
Ronald Tolliver 16T 2016 Markeeta Keyes
Sarah Vanas 16PH 2016
Victoria Vorholt 16C 17G 2016
Jeffrey Walker 16PH 2016
Fang Yang 14Ox 16C 2016
Liu Yang 2016
Henry Yu 16B 2016

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Names of adult registrants only appear if the registrant elects to opt-in to having that information shared. The list may be cached, so if you don't see yourself right away please check back in 5 minutes or so.