2020 Emory Homecoming Registration

2020 Emory Homecoming Registration

Who's coming as of 10/25/2020

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First Name Last Name Affiliation Class Guest(s)
Michael Anderson 98B 1998
Bernard Bartick 98B 1998
Jill (Bates) Bates-Moore 98B 1998 Marcus Moore
Leslie Boone 98PH 1998
Jennifer Brooks 98C 1998
Donna Coty 98T 1998
Matthew Curry 98C 1998
Holly (Moten) Fidler 98C 1998
L. Christopher Grey 98B 1998
Kathryn (Gardner) Hayes 88Ox 1998
Johanna Hinman 98PH 1998 Lisa Carlson
Caryn (Neuerman) Kinzler 98B 1998 Philip Kinzler
Melissa (Berkowitz) Kornfeld 98PH 1998
David Kotz 98C 1998
Stacy (Seligman) Kravitz 98C 1998
Jennifer (Crabb) Kyles 98Ox 00C 1998
Jennifer Long 98C 1998
Kimlyn Long 98MR 1998
Marcio Mendes 98B 1998
Chinonyerem Okezie 98Ox 00C 1998
Lynn (Bunch) O’Neill 1998
Melba Prevost 93Ox 98C 1998
Joseph Redding 98C 00G 1998
Romy Ribitzky 98C 1998
Anne Sebert Kuhlmann 1998
Heather (Geld) Soloff 1998
Karen (Zander) Spiegler 98C 1998
Dana Tottenham 98C 1998
Eban Walters 98C 1998
Amy (Dobin) Yosowitz 98C 1998

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Names of adult registrants only appear if the registrant elects to opt-in to having that information shared. The list may be cached, so if you don't see yourself right away please check back in 5 minutes or so.