Who's coming as of 11/19/2019

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First Name Last Name Affiliation Class Guest(s)
Robert Abbott 04B 2004
Meg (Gwaltney) Anderson 04C 2004
Suzanne (Chalk) Ardiff 04N 2004 Patrick Ardiff
Kenneth (Haider-Bardill) Bardill 04C 2004
Todd Bennett 2004
Elise (Hammonds) Blalock 04C 2004 Travis Blalock
John Davis 2004 Marina Davis
Justin Davis 02Ox 04B 2004
Maximiliano Duque 04B 2004
Daniel Farcas 04B 2004 Cristina Dona Farcas
Jose Fernandez 2004 Maria Elena Rodriguez
Mandy Ford 04G 2004 Ryan Ford
Raul Gonzalez 04C 12MR 2004
Patricia Hicks 02Ox 04C 05G 2004 Christina Gavegnano
Dimitar Krastev 04B 2004
Nelson Loh 04B 2004
Helen (Shu) Mansour 04B 2004
Stephanie McDuffie 04B 2004
Patrick McNulty 04B 2004
Jason Oberweis 04B 2004 Ashley Lestelle
Michael O'Brien 04B 2004 Nicole (Sams) O'Brien
Corinne Oliver 02Ox 04N 10N 2004 Jeffrey Oliver
John Pitts 71Ox 73C 77M 80MR 2004 Reynaria (Nieva) Pitts
Roberto Schildknecht 04B 2004
William Tsutsumida 04B 2004
Carlos Vincentelli 04B 2004
Alexander Watts 02Ox 04C 2004 Katherine (Vytal) Watts
Katherine (Vytal) Watts 02Ox 04C 07G 10G 2004 Alexander Watts
Sara Wides Nicholson 04B 2004 Edward Nicholson


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